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Crusoe Cloud is currently in private beta. If you do not currently have access, please request access to continue.

As users within your organization provision resources, usage is accrued for the time these resources are active. The definition of 'active' varies based on the type of resource consumed. For example, VM usage is tracked per 'instance hour' that the VM is running within your organization. Based on the type of usage accrued, your configured payment method may be billed.

You can view and export usage accrued by resources within your organization through the Usage dashboard in the Crusoe Cloud console. You may also use the API to export usage. Note that usage is currently updated daily.

Viewing Usage

  • Visit the Crusoe Cloud console
  • Click the 'Usage' tab in the left nav
  • Compute Usage (in instance hours) and Disk Usage (in GiB hours) bar graphs will be visible within a 7 day period by default, segregated by resource types
  • Use filters above the graphs to change the time period or select specific projects, resource types or regions

Exporting Usage

  • Visit the Crusoe Cloud console
  • Click the 'Usage' tab in the left nav
  • Select the 'Export CSV data' button on the top right of the page, above the usage bar graphs
  • Optionally specify the time period, projects, resource types and regions you wish to export and hit the 'Download CSV' button
  • Usage data will be downloaded as a CSV