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Crusoe Cloud is currently in alpha. If you do not currently have access, please request access to continue.

Crusoe Cloud provides a high performance, carbon negative cloud platform with the latest hardware.

VM specifications


Customers can create GPU VMs with the following specs:

a40.1x8-core Intel Xeon (Ice Lake)1x NVIDIA A40 48GB PCIe64GB2.5TB NVMe1 Gbps EthernetNow
a40.2x16-core Intel Xeon (Ice Lake)2x NVIDIA A40 48GB PCIe128GB5TB NVMe2 Gbps EthernetNow
a40.4x32-core Intel Xeon (Ice Lake)4x NVIDIA A40 48GB PCIe256GB10TB NVMe4 Gbps EthernetNow
a40.8x64-core Intel Xeon (Ice Lake)8x NVIDIA A40 48GB PCIe512GB20TB NVMe8 Gbps EthernetNow
a100.1x16-core Intel Xeon (Ice Lake)1x NVIDIA A100 40GB PCIe128GB2.5TB NVMe1 Gbps EthernetNow
a100.2x32-core Intel Xeon (Ice Lake)2x NVIDIA A100 40GB PCIe256GB5TB NVMe2 Gbps EthernetNow
a100.4x64-core Intel Xeon (Ice Lake)4x NVIDIA A100 40GB PCIe512GB10TB NVMe4 Gbps EthernetNow
a100.8x128-core Intel Xeon (Ice Lake)8x NVIDIA A100 40GB PCIe1024GB20TB NVMe8 Gbps EthernetNow
a100-80gb.1x16-core Intel Xeon (Ice Lake)1x NVIDIA A100 80GB PCIe128GB2.5TB NVMe1 Gbps EthernetNow
a100-80gb.2x32-core Intel Xeon (Ice Lake)2x NVIDIA A100 80GB PCIe256GB5TB NVMe2 Gbps EthernetNow
a100-80gb.4x64-core Intel Xeon (Ice Lake)4x NVIDIA A100 80GB PCIe512GB10TB NVMe4 Gbps EthernetNow
a100-80gb.8x128-core Intel Xeon (Ice Lake)8x NVIDIA A100 80GB PCIe1024GB20TB NVMe8 Gbps EthernetNow
a100-80gb-hgx.8x128-core Intel Xeon (Ice Lake)8x NVIDIA A100 80GB SXM41024GB8x 1TB NVMe200 Gbps Ethernet + 1600 Gbps InfiniBandComing Soon
h100-80gb-hgx.8x128-core Intel Xeon (Sapphire Rapids)8x NVIDIA H100 80GB SXM51024GB8x 1TB NVMe200 Gbps Ethernet + 3200 Gbps InfiniBandComing Soon


All machines are created with the same base operating system: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. NVIDIA drivers and the NVIDIA container toolkit are also included in the base image.

VM lifecycle

VMs transition through the following states:

CreatingThe VM is being created. This can take up to a minute. After the VM has been created, it will transition to the Stopped state
StartingThe VM is being started. Once it has started, it will transition to Running.
RunningThe VM is running and accessible. You can now SSH into it and run your desired software. The VM will continue to run until you stop it.
StoppingThe VM is being shut down, and no more customer work will be performed. Once it has shut down, it will transition to Stopped.
StoppedThe VM is stopped and inaccessible. You must manually start it to change the state.


Crusoe Cloud aims to provide a consistent, performant experience for all customers. To that end, each VM is subject to network throughput constraints (currently 1Gbps per VM) as well as disk IOPS constraints.

If you need higher quotas, please contact support and let us know why you need to raise your limits.