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Crusoe Cloud is currently in private beta. If you do not currently have access, please request access to continue.

VPC Network overview

VPC Networks and VPC Subnets form the basis of VM-to-VM communication on Crusoe Cloud. They represent an ethernet network, which is a single, non-blocking fabric across all VMs in a given location.

Firewall Rules overview

Firewall Rules allow you to control network access to your VMs, both from the public internet as well as from other Crusoe Cloud VMs in the same network. To learn more about default Firewall Rules and creating your own rules within your organization, please visit this page.

InfiniBand Network overview

InfiniBand networks form the basis of high-performance GPU-to-GPU communication on Crusoe Cloud.

InfiniBand Networks are defined by a set of physical machines on the same physical InfiniBand fabric (in the same physical location). Developers are therefore unable to create "new" InfiniBand networks, and can instead create partitions, which are the security barrier between machines on the same network. There is no equivalent to Firewall Rules on an InfiniBand network.

Networking billing

At this time, Crusoe Cloud does not charge for network ingress or egress, either within a VPC or to/from the public internet. InfiniBand networking, where applicable, is included in the cost of any InfiniBand enabled VMs.