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Install and configure the CLI


Crusoe Cloud is currently in private beta. If you do not currently have access, please request access to continue.

Install the CLI

You can install the Crusoe CLI via a number of common package managers, including brew and apt.

On Linux, you can use apt to install the Crusoe CLI:

echo "deb [trusted=yes] * *" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/fury.list
sudo apt update
sudo apt install crusoe

Configure the CLI

The Crusoe CLI looks for a config file at ~/.crusoe/config which contains credentials as well as any defaults.

At a minimum, the following options are required to authenticate to the Crusoe CLI:


You can get your access key ID and secret key from the settings page on the Crusoe Cloud console. For more information, see "Managing your API keys".

Configure the CLI using environment variables

If you wish to configure the CLI without a config file, you can provide equivalent environment variables:


Test the CLI

If you've properly installed and configured the CLI, you should be able to run the whoami command and see the logged in user:

crusoe whoami
Welcome [email protected]! You are an admin of the organization.

You're now ready to go!

If you don't see this, make sure you've properly installed the CLI, provided a config file in the right location, and added the right credentials to the config file. If you've done all these things and it still isn't working, contact support.