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Crusoe Cloud is currently in private beta. If you do not currently have access, please request access to continue.

Crusoe Cloud has the ability to organize users into organizations with permission based roles.


An organization encapsulates all the users and roles that are all billed to the same billing account. An organization commonly maps to a business or business unit.


During alpha, each organization consists of one user, who is the organization administrator. In the future, users will be able to invite other, non-admin users to join their organization.


A project encapsulates a group of resources within an organization. Projects can be used to organize resources and control access to those resources. Resources are not shared between projects. Each project will have its own VPC network and quotas.


Every organization has a default project, default, which will be used unless another is specified. Organization administrators are able to create additional projects.


A user is a member of an organization with access to one or more roles. A user account is tied to an email address.


During alpha, each user is an administrator of a single organization, with a single role. In the future, users will be able to be members of multiple organizations with access to multiple roles within each organization.