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Crusoe Cloud is currently in private beta. If you do not currently have access, please request access to continue.

Crusoe Cloud provides a high-performance, scalable block storage product.

Disk Types

Crusoe Cloud offers two types of disks: ephemeral disks and persistent disks. Ephemeral disks are local to the virtual machine (on the same physical server), while persistent disks are stored in a shared cluster.

Ephemeral Disks

Ephemeral disks offer the highest performance with no additional redundancy. Ephemeral disks have a lifecyele that is tied to the server associated with a given virtual machine. If the physical server reboots, or the VM is stopped and restarted, the disks are erased.

Note: if a VM is restarted from within the VM (e.g. using sudo reboot now) rather than by stopping and restarting the VM from the UI, CLI, or API, the disks will not be erased.

Persistent Disks

Persistent disks offer reasonable performance with high availability and durability. Persistent disks have a lifecycle independent of any given virtual machine. Persistent disks can be attached to a given VM then detached at a later date, for the purposes of sharing data across VMs or storing data while a VM is stopped.

You can create individual persistent disks ranging in size from 1 GiB to 10 TiB and you can attach up to 16 disks per instance. Disks are persistent NVMe, which will preserve data even after detaching the disk from the instance.

OS Disks

VM operating systems are stored on a 128 GiB persistent disk attached to a VM.


  1. Persistent disks can only be attached and detached when the instance is stopped. In the future, disks will be able to be "hot attached" and detached, while a VM is running.
  2. Persistent disks can only be attached to a single instance at a time. In the future, disks can be multi-mounted, either as read-only or as read-write (note that this option is only supported by certain filesystems).
  3. Persistent disks can only be resized to be larger than the current size. Operating systems disks cannot currently be resized.


By default, each organization can create up to 128 persistent disks, with a total capacity across all disks of 128 TiB. If you need to increase these quotas, please contact support.


Ephemeral disks are included in the VM pricing, and thus don't incur additional cost.

Persistent disks are billed at $0.08/GiB/month. Persistent disks, including OS disks are billed regardless of whether or not they are attached to a running VM.